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30 Foot Leash Nylon


  • If you have a dog that does not come when called, especially when distracted, the 30 foot leash will help to become more consistent. 

Halti or Holt


  • Where the head goes the body follows.  The Halti or Holt is not a muzzle but will guide your dog humanely especially when distracted.  Your dog when on the equipment can still fetch, drink etc. with no problems. 

Clicker For Training


  • The clicker is used with a treat reward to  get your dog to come when off leash especially when distracted.  It is more effective than using your voice. 

Ball For Fetching


  • If your dog likes to fetch a ball or frisbee , we will use that to get your dog to come when at a distance or distracted.

6 Foot Leash Nylon


  • A 6 foot leash used when you walk your dog.  We will show you how to use the 6 foot leash with the Halti or Holt.



  • The best way to get your dog to become consistent on coming when off leash.  It is also used to get your dog to respond to commands without using a negative correction.  Used in addition with verbal and physical praise.

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