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Boarding Dogs, Daycare and Dog Training "Big & Small We Board Them All"

Boarding Dogs, Daycare and Dog Training "Big & Small We Board Them All"

Boarding Dogs, Daycare and Dog Training "Big & Small We Board Them All" Boarding Dogs, Daycare and Dog Training "Big & Small We Board Them All"

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About Us


In 2001 with a dream and a passion for dogs  Craig & Cindy Jolly combined their experience and started Dogtownmaryland .  Craig who received his initial training in the Air Force as a dog handler and with over 40 years of experience working with clients and their dogs with all types of behavioral problems. Cindy has years of experience in handling all breeds with expertise in dog health & wellness often done in a holistic approach.  Our focus is  to continue to improve the well being and betterment of animal care at Dogtownmaryland.  Dogtown was created in a unique way to reduce  some of the stress of boarding not only for the dog but also for  its' owner 

Our Philosophy


All dogs are social animals and need the pack to help not only to learn social skills but help eliminate stress when put in a boarding situation.  We provide a place for your dog not only run with the pack in a natural outside environment but to have quiet time in its own private cottage. 

Come Visit Us!!


Bring Your family.........Bring Your dog......Take The Tour........See How We have Taken Over 4 Decades To Build A Dream Vacation For Your Dog!! 

boarding at Dogtownmaryland

Small Dog Cottages


Group Boarding For Small Dogs-IndividualBoarding If Two or More Dogs From The Same Family 

Under 30lbs

  •  $35 Per/Day 
  • 2nd & 3rd Dog Same Family
  •  $25 Per/Day

Large Dog Cottages


Individual Cottages

30lbs - 100lbs

  • $40 Per/Day
  • 2nd Dog Same Family
  • $30 Per/Day

Extra Large Dog Cottages


Individual Cottage 

100lbs & Up

  • $50 - $55 Per/Day
  • 2nd Dog Same Family 
  • $40 - $45 Per/Day



All Size Dogs

  • Individual Play Areas For Small Dogs
  • Individual Play Areas For Large Dogs
  • Supervised Playtimes
  • $25 Per/Day
  • Special Prices For 2nd & 3rd Dog Same Family
  • Drop Off As Early As 6:30am
  • Pick Up As Late  As 7pm

Included At No Charge


  • Boarding dogs in their own Private Cottage 
  • Individual Heated & Air Condition 
  • Private Covered Deck
  • Over 2 Fenced in Acres For Play
  • 2 Supervised Play Times Per Day
  • Feed Your Food
  • Summer Pools



Have A Question 

About What To Expect When Boarding?

We Have The Answer!!



Big & small we board them all.  Private cottages-private play areas for small dogs and large dogs-free supervised playtimes-beds & private wood decks to sun between playtimes-individually heated & air conditioned to fit your dogs needs.  Bring your special diet for your family pet at no additional charge. 



Don't let your dog become a couch potato! While you are at work 8 to 10 hours or more per day, what happens to your dog?  Does he become  a couch potato and become one of the 65% of dogs that over weight because of lack of exercise? With our DayCare your dog not only gets to run  in the sun on grass and dirt and swim in the pool in the summer time, but he gets to socialize with other friendly dogs. Find out what we have to offer!!! 



 Frustrated!!! Is your dog chewing up the house?  Does your dog still eliminate in the house?  Do you have a dog that pulls you down the street  when on a walk or a dog that jumps on everyone that comes to visit?  Have you seen your dog show aggression towards family members, other people or other animals?  If you have a dog problem.......We have the solution!  With over four decades of experience with all types of dog problems, we can help you live with your family member more comfortably.

For your Dog Training Needs Give us a call for a FREE phone evaluation.

Give your pet a vacation!

It can be stressful to board your pet. If you have any questions or concerns about how we make your pet's home away from home, please reach out. We will get back to you soon!


14200 Brandywine Road, Brandywine, Maryland 20613, United States

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