Q. & A.

"It's A Dog's Town" A Unique Boarding-DayCare & Training Resort



Is there an extra charge for walking or playtime for my dog?

No.  Many kennels charge per walk or play session. All the exercise, dog to dog socialization and cuddle time that your dog gets at Dogtown is included in the daily boarding rate.


Why do I need to bring my dogs own food?


Switching a dog to the kennels food and then back to their own, can cause digestive problems.  Some dogs may have trouble eating kennel food in a new environment.  By bringing your dogs food, with notes on how much he/she usually eats,  helps us to keep your dog  happy and healthy.


Are baths required before I pick up my dog from the kennels?


Baths are not required but are available for a minimal fee (see bath pricing).  Your dog may get dirty when playing with his new buddies or splashing around the pool.  If you request a bath, your dog will be bathed shortly before  pick up.


When my dog is in his house, will he be disturbed by other dogs?


Each dog has his own private house that opens to a private run.  Each kennel is separated at least 6 feet from the other kennel run.  This helps eliminate the stress of dogs agitating on each other, instead of enjoying quiet time.


Why do I need an appointment to drop off and pick up my dog?


We want too make sure you don't have to wait when you drop off or pick up, or have the distraction of other dogs.  Also, we want to make sure we can give you our undivided attention for any questions you may have.


Are the houses heated and air conditioned?


Yes.  Each house has individual heat and air conditioning that can be adjusted for that breed and age.  Breeds, such as Huskies, need less heat in the winter and more cold in the summer.  Let us tailor a program that will make your dog comfortable in all seasons.


Is playtime supervised?


Playtime is always supervised to make sure all dogs play nice. If a dog gets too rough, we can slow them down.


Why do you feed twice per day?


Not only do dogs require more food because of the increased stress and exercise at the kennels, larger breeds could develop bloat if feed only once per day.


If I get my dog trained at Dogtown, what can I expect?


Unfortunately many people believe their dog, when trained, will need no more training.  In the 8 day boarded training we have only enough time too work the basics.  We teach the commands: Walking in the Heel, Stay, Down, Stand and Come.  It is only through practice and patience does he or she become more consistent.


Can I call call to check on my dog while being boarded?


We would recommend not calling. The more time we spend answering calls, the less time we have for your dog.  If there is a problem while your dog is staying with us, we will definitely give you a call.


If I don't want my dog to sleep on the bed at home, won't he learn this habit if given a bed at the kennels?


For those dogs that are not allowed on the bed at home, we would recommend a cot instead of a bed when boarded.


Why does my dog sleep for a few days when coming back from the kennels?


Dogs are creatures of habit and changing their routine can cause stress.  Plus, no matter how comfortable a kennels, it still isn't home.  When your dog  comes home, they will need a few days to recover.  Don't worry, after a few days they'll be back to normal.


Why does my dog have loose stools after coming back from the kennels?


Stress can cause loose stools. Dogs are creatures of habit. Changing their routine can cause dogs with sensitive stomachs to have problems. This is more common with certain breeds, such as the German Shepherd.  Dogs that have been boarded numerous times seem to have less problems.  In most cases, the condition will disappear in a few days.


Do I still pay for the full day if I pick up early?


 No.  Count the day the dog comes in and the day he goes home but if you pick up by 10:30 or 11 am with a Bath, there is no charge for that day only for the bath, if requested.   Full day charges on Sundays and Holidays.


If this is the first time for my dog to be boarded, why do I need to come in early for drop off?


Even though it is not required, we recommend an early drop off so we can monitor your dog throughout the day.


Does dog share a house with another dog?

No.Large & medium dogs get their own house that leads to a private run.  The only time a dog sees another dog is during playtime.  On the other hand, if you have 2 dogs, or more, they can share the same house, unless you request otherwise.  Keeping your two dogs together will help eliminate the stress of boarding and being apart. Because small dogs are very social, we do recommend small dogs (if by themself and friendly) share a house with another small dog.  We never mix small dogs with a house that is occupied by 2 or more dogs from the same family.


Why do I need to visit the kennels with my dog before I board the first time?


Coming to the kennels with your dog for the first visit helps in many ways. First, it eliminates stress when your dog comes back for boarding, since he knows the area. It also gives you a chance to see where your dog will stay.  It is also a good time for us to make sure your dog is going to be compatible with our kennel help and the other dogs. 


Why can't I board my non neutered dog?


If your dog is not neutered it causes the other dogs to be more inquisitive which could cause a dog fight.  Non neutered dogs also have a tendency to be more territorial and more aggressive towards other dogs.


Why do you not take aggressive dogs?


Because of our policy to let all dogs out for exercise and playtime, it is impossible to handle any dogs that may be aggressive towards people.  I would recommend a kennels that has no interaction with your dog during his stay.


If my dog can't play with other dogs, can I still board with you?


Yes.  For an extra fee, your dog can have individual playtime.


On the days that you are closed, is my dog still get out and feed?


Yes.  We are only closed to the public but your dogs is still maintained on his regular routine.


Will my small dog be housed in the same area as the big and medium dogs?


No.  We have just opened a small dog area that is completely isolated from the large dog play and boarding area.  The small dog area is more secure and the larger dogs never have access to the small dog area.


Is there a chance my dog may get hurt during play time?


 YesThere is always that chance even though all play time is supervised but the unexpected can happen especially with dogs that can run at full speed with other dogs on an open area.  The play area is completely fenced in and play time is always supervised.  If you want individual play time, you can pay an extra fee of $5 per day.


Do you have a Veternarian on call?


Yes.  For emergencies we have a vet on call.


Do you live on the property?


Yes.  We live on the property so there is 24 hour on site supervision.


How long is play time?


Depends on many factors:  How hot the weather (shorter play times because the dog will over heat)-How many dogs are being boarded (everyone needs to come out and sometimes by themselves) - What type of play pack we have (the more Alpha the dogs and hyper the greater chance they will fight with longer play times) - and when your dog decides he has had enough (most dogs will decide when they are done playing by sitting on their porch and requesting to go in).  Because the area is so large for play time, most dogs will play and run at full speed which will tire them out quicker. 


Why do I have to call a day prior before drop off?


We don't want to miss you so by calling a day prior you not only confirm your appointment but you can also change your drop off or pick up time if needed.


What if the house is to small or I have more then one dog?


You can upgrade to a bigger house and play a little extra.  To see the prices go back to the main page and click on the appropriate tab.


Can I see a video of my dogs stay?


Yes.  For an extra charge you can request a video of your dogs stay. Occasionally we will take video and post it to "You Tube".


Would you recommend my small dog be housed with other friendly small dogs?


Yes.  Small dogs are more pack friendly then larger dogs so they would rather be with other friendly small dogs then alone.  It will help eliminate the stress of the boarding but you can still request your dog to be boarded alone. 


Can I bring chew bones or toys for my dog when being boarded?


No.  Dogs will fight over toys and bones during playtime.  Playing with the other dogs will be all they need.


Will my older dog with some physical problems be able to play with the pack?


No.  We keep the older dogs play time with other dogs that are not as active.  This keeps them from over extending themselves.  There is no extra charge.